About us

“School of arts for unprivileged children Dedal” is а nonprofit, non-government organisation, established in January 2009 for the benefit of society.

Educational programs in fine arts, contemporary art, cinematography, photography, percussion instruments and others take place. “Dedal” art school has more than 56 projects realised in the last 14 years, including: programs in arts, nature observations, fine art and photography exhibitions, creation of artistic works including documentaries, video impressions, jam sessions, outdoor screenings, international film festival The Quarantine, international Q-jazz festival, Varna.

All classes are free, with materials, books, technical equipment and licensed software covered. The team of “Dedal” works on completely voluntary basis, without any payment, for the benefit of society.



Change in the status quo in all aspects of public life driven by creativity, self-knowledge, education in arts, preservation of natural environments and of our cultural-historical heritage.

Establishment of moral, aesthetic and ethic criteria in adolescents. Raising of creative individuals, who would form high-quality contemporary and future cultural processes and would recognise volunteering as a way of life.


To create and sustain a social educational environment for creative dreamers and young people, studying arts. This environment stimulates the development of unprivileged children and adolescents, as well as young freelance artists. Initiation and conduction of alternative performances, exhibitions, festivals, creative meetings and art classes. Development of new, non-commercial art spaces where young artists study history of arts, contemporary art, fine art and digital art. They have the chance to be creative. Stimulation of volunteering and preservation of natural environments.

Leading principles

The organisation is run and sustained on a completely voluntary basis, the entire team does not receive any payment for their work. The community service of “Dedal” art school has no participation fees. Culture in its most pure form, revival and educational missions of stimulation of knowledge, creativity, volunteering, preservation of natural environments, freedom of speech, individuality.


Atelier “Dedal” is located on the seventh floor of the ex-dental clinic in Varna for 23 years and for the last 15 years has welcomed the educational processes of the art school.

The creative space has:

• educational hall used for classes, exhibitions, creative meetings and workshops, jam sessions
• specialised library
• sculpture studio
• cinema hall (up to 50 persons)
• percussion studio
• hallway with exhibited posters and leaflets from the last 15 years of the artists’ creative live

The spaces are equipped with materials, tools, technical equipment and licensed software needed for all educational programs.

The team uses alternative solutions for their performances, developing new, outdoor, urbanised and unurbanised creative spaces: Port Varna Yacht Club, Port Varna, The Quarantine fishing village and others.

Established galleries for young artists:

Gallery for young artists “Dedal”, lobby of Medical Union – Varna, gallery of the Court of Appeal Varna, public spaces of “Solvay Sodi” AD. Unurbanised outdoor exhibition spaces for young artists.


“Open society” Varna Award for 

A significant contribution to the field of spiritual culture and education – May, 2011

“America for Bulgaria” Foundation Award for

Most creative project – October, 2013

Award for best cinematography

“Message in a Bottle” documentary, created by art school’s team

“Dityatko” International film festival, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2014

“EFFE Label” Award for

Quality art, local community and international audiences engagement – 2017

“EFFE Label” Award for

Quality art, local community and international audiences engagement – 2018

“Pro-culture” Award for

“The Quarantine” international film festival in category “festivals”, field “Cinema”, significant annual events and contribution to the development of young people’s access to culture – 2019 

Education and Youth Activities department, Varna Manucipality Award for

Significance in the education and creativity of the young people – 2019

“Varna” Award, Varna Manucipality for

Overall contribution to fine arts and creativity of young people – 2020

“Pro-culture” Award for

Contribution to expanding young people’s access to culture – 2022


With the financial support of National Culture Fund

via program “One-year-grant 2022” of NCF, contract: №ORG-2022-58 15/12/2022

For the last 15 years, the art school exists thanks to the team’s persistence,

with the help of many friends, like minded people, donors, connoisseurs and patrons.

Support us

If you want to support us, you can donate via Global Giving, PayPal or bank transfer to BG78UNCR70001519764111. All donations will be used for art materials, development of the free classes, renovation of our headquarters and adding books to our library.

Thank you!