The lighthouse
of Dedal
is shining

We are a team of painters, designers, photographers, artists and like minded people. Our vision is to help adolescents build moral, aesthetic and ethic criteria via knowledge and creative work in visual and fine arts.

A place where
children can dream


Fine arts

Classes include history of art, contemporary art, academic painting, fundamental techniques in painting, philosophy and approaches for building composition. Several solo and group exhibitions are organised annually.

Contemporary art

Classes include history of contemporary art, worldwide techniques and processes. Nature observation and plein airs with land art projects are organised.

Cinematography and photography

Classes include history of photography and cinematography, various techniques of playback and capture of images, genres in digital arts. Annual exhibitions and creative meetings with international artists are organised. Video impressions, reportage and documentary cinema are created. Visits to similar art groups are organised.

Percussion instruments

Classes include history of percussion instruments, classic and alternative instruments, various playing techniques. Annual concerts, creative meetings with musicians and jam sessions are organised.

3D modelling and art visualisation

Classes include basic 3D modelling techniques with polygons for digital and physical reproductions, generation of artistical and photorealistic textures, lighting, composition and post production. Creation of digital sculptures and art objects.

And more

Plein airs

Diverse experiences aiming to accumulate life experience and knowledge enrichment. Workshops in nature. Creation of land art.


Dedal art school organises between 4 and 8 fine art and photography exhibitions annually. All students, from the youngest to the oldest, have a chance to participate.

Additional activities and events

Preparation for application in high schools and universities.

Nature observations.

Educational meetings on nature and environment preservation.

Nature cleaning events.

Jam sessions.

Organisation of interdisciplinary meetings with the aim of accumulating life experience and knowledge enrichment.

Premieres of author’s albums and books. Film premieres.

International culture exchange.

Artistic production

Creation of artistic works including documentaries, photo and video impressions.

„Anguchka“- a documentary about the people living in “The Quarantine” fishing village, Varna. The film can be viewed online via these links: trailer 1, trailer 2, film.

“Message in a Bottle” – is the time that is coming. All that we dream of today is tomorrow’s reality. The film can be viewed online here

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With the financial support of National Culture Fund

via program “One-year-grant 2022” of NCF, contract: №ORG-2022-58 15/12/2022

For the last 15 years, the art school exists thanks to the team’s persistence,

with the help of many friends, like minded people, donors, connoisseurs and patrons.

Support us

If you want to support us, you can donate via Global Giving, PayPal or bank transfer to BG78UNCR70001519764111. All donations will be used for art materials, development of the free classes, renovation of our headquarters and adding books to our library.

Thank you!